Magnolia Brewery Due in Dogpatch By May, Or Thereabouts

McLean Photo: Jennifer Yin via 7x7

The long-awaited brewery project from Magnolia Pub’s brewmaster Dave McLean, first discussed almost three years ago, is finally under construction and coming along, and McLean revealed to 7x7 this week that the current ETA is May. The brewery, across from Serpentine at Third and 22nd, will be much larger and distinct from the existing Upper Haight brewpub, and they’ll both operate in tandem, with different beers being made at each. He clarified for us that the timing is both for the brewery taproom and the attached restaurant, which will feature barbecue and (undoubtedly) various other beer-friendly stuff from Namu Gaji chef Dennis Lee. It remains possible, though, that one may open before the other. [7x7, Earlier]