Madame Chocolat Sports Chocolate iPhones; Vosges Popping-up at The W

Chocolate iPhones, slightly cheaper than the real thing.
Chocolate iPhones, slightly cheaper than the real thing. Photo: Madame Chocolat

Did you ever read that preachy little book where a little boy turned everything he touched into chocolate as a kid? We’re renaming it “The Hasty Torres Story,” as the owner and head confectioner of Madame Chocolat continues to turn all inanimate objects into edible sweets. Now, she’s now doing for iPhones what she’s past done with high heels, golf balls, Chanel bags, and Legos: turning them into chocolates in time for Valentine’s Day. Torres, who’s now working from her new Downtown chocolate factory, is offering iPhones in pre-existing message wraps made from edible, fondant ink bearing tasty images of Ryan Gosling, George Clooney, and Mickey Mouse (for furries, natch) and also in custom forms, with images of yourself or anything else your depraved mind can conjure (for the Anthony Wieners of the world). The phones are priced at an Apple-worthy $25 and $35, respectively, and are currently being sold at D.L.& Co. in Beverly Hills.

Over in Westwood, Vosges, the creative chocolate company sprung from chef Katrina Markoff with the help of los hermanos Adria, is popping up at The W Hotel for two days, starting this afternoon at 5:00 P.M. and ending at 9:00 P.M.

Intended for anyone suffering from Fred Flintstone-syndrome who is late to get their V-Day act together, the pop-up shop will offer the company’s truffles, toffees, candy bars, and chocolates for sale, also at a premium price. Because nothing says “I’ll love you even when you get fat” better than a twelve-dollar bacon-chocolate bar given at the last conceivable minute.