Please Say Lindsay Lohan Really Is Opening a Tribeca Restaurant

Hospitality!Photo: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Tribeca Citizen hears a bonkers rumor that none other than Lindsay Lohan is angling to open a restaurant in Tribeca, at 39 N. Moore Street, which is up for a liquor license. “We’re told that Lindsay Lohan was in the retail store currently in our commercial space late this afternoon,” a tipster writes, emphasizing the far-fetched nature of the following sentence: “Importantly, she was talking about the potential design of the space, including where she would like to put a bar and a DJ booth.” This isn’t the first time it’s been reported that Lohan was contemplating a move to the hospitality industry, of course, so we certainly hope this one is true. Because New York needs a restaurant where the floor staff chokes you at the table, bartenders sucker-punch you and hurl martinis, and then everyone finishes the night by awkwardly making out. There’s real franchise potential in that. Update: Another tipster sends Tribeca Citizen news of a Lohan sighting at 39 N. Moore, and adds that a “high-end Mexican restaurant” is rumored for the space. [Tribeca Citizen, Earlier]