Exploring Rihanna’s Giorgio Baldi Habit; LeAnn Rimes Breaks Down at Hugo’s

Typically goes for the spaghetti with tomato sauce and fried calamari appetizer
Typically goes for the spaghetti with tomato sauce and fried calamari appetizer Photo: MIKeARB/Flickr

Avid celebrity hunters have probably noticed that Rihanna is always at Giorgio Baldi. Is she really that much of a carb-freak or is this just the same sighting endlessly being regenerated by the blogosphere? It turns out the singer is actually pretty hooked on the place, as she tells Rolling Stone that she eats there three times a week. In fact, she even moved to the Palisades just to ease her access to Italian take-out, and has her own waiter named Marco. Guess we know now where she gets “Drunk on Love” and starts “Breakin’ Dishes.” In other news, LeAnn Rimes lost her composure and cried while leaving Hugo’s, Walter White had a family meal at Napa Valley Grille, Kim Kardashian enjoyed dinner at Nobu with Serena Williams, and Lindsay Lohan graced Dan Tana’s with a frazzled new look. All this and more in today’s Celebrity Settings.

41 Ocean: Larry David and Mike Judge were among the only people we care about who came to the opening of this new private club in Santa Monica. [GS]

Dan Tana’s: Is Lindsay Lohan playing Sebastian Bach in her next film? [Daily Mail]

Giorgio Baldi: Rihanna loves it. Looooooves it! [Contact Music]

Hugo’s: LeAnn Rimes broke down and cried while leaving the restaurant, forgetting to save such experiences for broken down pick-up in a country song. [Celebs]

Hugo’s: Leighton Meester was also all up in Hugo’s, taking lunch to-go yesterday. [Just Jared]

Napa Valley Grille: Bryan Cranston had dinner with friends and family last night, tucking into a chopped kale salad, grilled salmon, and ending the meal with butterscotch bread pudding. Our sources say he was in the full-Heisenberg look, with shaved head and goatee. [GS]

Nobu: Serena Williams and Kim Kardashian dug into dinner together in Malibu. [HuffPo]

RivaBella: Zooey Deschanel celebrated her Glamour cover in the wine cave. [People]

Tortilla Republic: Charlize Theron dug into some Jalapeño margaritas with a girlfriend on Monday. Thanks for inviting us! [GS]

Villa Blanca: Real Housewife Lisa Vanderpump hovered over a soccer player named Robbie Keane, while the poor guy was probably more intent on meeting someone born in the nineties not in their nineties. [Daily Mail]