Lavo Hostess Sues Club for Causing Hearing Loss

Smile as you go deaf!
Smile as you go deaf! Photo: Lavo/Facebook

Going deaf from high decibels of house music is apparently worth $42 an hour and $500 in nightly tips. Margaret Clemente worked for the midtown club for two years, but she’s now pressing charges because the loud music made her lose hearing in one ear. When she complained to management, she received cheap hearing aides instead of the douchey, custom-made ones the owners sported. Her bosses also refused to move her to a quieter section of the club or let her work the door. But instead of tossing an overpriced drink in their faces and quitting, she stayed. “I’m depressed. It’s been daunting. I’m stressed out and distraught,” says Clemente, who claims she’s now unemployable (at least when it comes to getting another “pretty person” job). A Times investigation found that Lavo’s thumping dance music is as loud as a power mower, so it’s surprising that she’s not suing for psychological trauma, too. It’s only a matter of time before PTSD kicks in and she’s plagued by nightmares of Skrillex and horny bankers. [NYP, NYT, Cut]