Johnny Rockets Gives Us A New Excuse to Use Up Old Bottles of Heinz

Cynthia Kostylo's Mouth Rushmore No. 57
Cynthia Kostylo's Mouth Rushmore No. 57Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Though we already know food-based art is generally crap and there are much better ketchup brands than Heinz out there, curiosity caught the better of us. So, holding our noses, we stopped by Santa Monica’s Johnny Rockets on President’s Day to see their ketchup art workshop in full Factory mode.

Somehow, we thought a Mount Rushmore made entirely from ketchup would be more gargantuan and becoming of our old dead Presidents, but what you going to do? Nonetheless, this still may be the best case for squeeze-bottle stroking that we’ve glimpsed since John Sedlar brought back St. Estephe.

So, if you need to get rid of that old bottle of Heinz clogging up your counter space, get to work on your own Rothko-inspired red piece today and check out artist Cynthia Kostylo’s ode to U.S. troops below.

A Salute to the Troops, in ketchup
A Salute to the Troops, in ketchupPhoto: Tatiana Arbogast