Soho’s Jezebel Changes Its Name at the Behest of the Orthodox Union

OU guys: "The J" is now Glatt Kosher.
OU guys: "The J" is now Glatt Kosher. Photo: Melissa Hom

From here on out, “glam kosher” Soho restaurant Jezebel will be known as the JSoho. The crew is still ultra-stylish and the cheeky Mark Zuckerberg-as-Ben Franklin portrait still hangs in the lounge downstairs, but owners Henry Stimler and Menachem Senderowicz write in to say that in addition to the name change and appointment of a new chef at “the J,” the restaurant is now under supervision of the Orthodox Union, which reportedly would not certify a restaurant named after “a clearly wicked person,” Rabbi Moshe Elefant tells the Jewish Week. There are no more non-mevushal wines on the premises, and broader menu changes are also afoot; we’ll get you a first look next week. [Earlier, Jewish Week]