Ike’s Place Reluctantly May Have a Few Dodgers Sandwiches When It Comes to L.A.

Apparently, even their good sandwiches look like bad burritos up there
Apparently, even their good sandwiches look like bad burritos up there

As Grub Street noted back in 2011, Ike’s Place, a popular purveyor of big, messy sandwiches in San Francisco, is coming to L.A. The restaurant catapulted to fame after appearing on Man Vs. Food, which generally sets the tone for these monstrosities from the north that are named for pop culture figures like Pee-Wee Herman and Al Bundy and are popular with twenty-something bros who consider finishing one some kind of an accomplishment. In any case, we could always use another hearty lunch option, but will Angelenos actually be able to swallow sandwiches named for locally abhorred San Francisco Giants like Matt Cain and Madison Bumgarner?

To answer for everyone with a dog in the fight, we say “aw, hell no.”

Fortunately, owner Ike Shehadeh ins’t sure he’s bringing the bacon and Swiss “Barry Bonds” our way anytime soon. And he is planning to have a few constructions named in honor of Dodger legends like Jackie Robinson and Vin Scully.

“There will be no current Dodgers sandwiches, unless they befriend me like the Giants have up here,” Shehadeh tells Inside Scoop S.F. While that up the odds that major league outfielder/local food blogger Andre Ethier could score his own sandwich, this kind of loose commitment from the owner currently leaves the Sandy Koufax pastrami sandwich of our dreams up in the air.

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