Hamasaku Releases Limited Supply of Cod Sperm

Shirako in Japan
Shirako in Japan Photo: CLF/Flickr

Get an, er, load of this one: West L.A.’s Hamasaku, where who you know or blow is already crucial to stealing a seat at the sushi bar, is selling cod sperm three ways! Squid Ink sends a stout-stomached scribe to try the stuff today, intent on eating “a lot of it. Without gagging.” Through February, this seasonal delicacy is being offered in short supply, both poached with ponzu and grilled on nigiri for true skeet-freaks, as well as in tempura form for those seeking a more cautious approach. According to the intrepid guzzler of cod crema, “The flavor is delicate, creamy, like a rich tofu or a mild monkfish liver.” So sorry, innuendo-laced bukkake noodles, but you can now consider yourself officially served. [SI]