Santa Monica Pier Making Room For Berlin Currywurst, Green Truck, and Crepe’n Around

Always room for more sausage
Always room for more sausage Photo: Harsh Light/Flickr

Several L.A. restaurants will soon be walking on water, as The Santa Monica Pier prepares to introduce several new dining options. Santa Monica Lookout reports that the local City Council approved one-year leases to nine food vendors on Tuesday. The agreement paves the planks for new eating outlets, including Berlin Currywurst, Crepe’n Around, and Green Truck, who will set up carts alongside some of the wharf’s older inhabitants, most of whom are in the tourist clothing and memento business. Yes, L.A. has finally crammed itself so full of German sausage that we need to start pushing the brats past the Pacific shorebreak. [Santa Monica Lookout]