Strained Economics: Greek Yogurt Boom Has Hijacked New York’s Milk Supply

The 2 percent solution.
The 2 percent solution. Photo: Fage

The big business of Greek yogurt has been argued to be equally good for the business of New York, what with the advent of yogurt bars, a gubernatorial yogurt summit, and now even an official, senatorial push to get little plastic pails of the cultured stuff into the lunchbox of every schoolchild in the state. The problem, Forbes reports, is that legislation designed to curb the size of farms means that the hundreds of millions of pounds of Greek yogurt produced in New York State each year are causing a serious drain on the dairy industry’s more traditional outlets. Gallons of milk are getting more expensive, and because a relatively high volume of milk is needed to make a small amount of Fage or Chobani, there often isn’t even enough skim leftover to cover the bottom of the cereal bowl. [Forbes, Earlier, Earlier]