Gordon Ramsay Won’t Yell at You for No Reason

You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

As a legendarily wrathful and perfectionist chef, Gordon Ramsay is known more for his flare-ups on the line than for his actual recipes. Which is why it’s funny, and a bit sad, that some glutton for punishment offered cash money in exchange for a verbal beat-down. "The dumbest request [I’ve ever gotten] was when someone wanted to spend $10,000 to any charity that I requested," he tells Bon Appétit, "for me to scream and curse at him. Which was a very bizarre moment. Yeah, that was ridiculous. I said, ‘I have to get upset for a reason.’ He said, ‘No no no, scream at me and call me a fucking donkey for ten thousand.’ I couldn’t do it, so he got upset. That was very bizarre. Bit weird, that." [BA, Earlier]