Get Your Paczki Today and Support the Polish American Association

Paczki from Delightful Pastries.
Paczki from Delightful Pastries. Photo: Sky Full of Bacon

Paczki are not doughnuts, okay? Okay, they’re made exactly like doughnuts, but they’re filled with things not even today’s hipster doughnut joints use— like rosehip jam or prune filling— and more to the point, they come with a load of Polish tradition, namely, that you’re entitled to something as rich and sugary and fried-y as a paczki right before Lent. There are many places you can find them around town, of course, but today’s an especially good day to pick a few up because the Polish American Association, which provides aid to Polish immigrants, families and seniors in the Chicago area, will be fundraising by selling paczkis from Oak Mill Bakery (who are pretty much paczki kings) at various locations on the northwest side and in the suburbs today. Check out the details here. [h/t WBEZ]

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