Twisted Metal: Frysmith Food Truck Becoming a Four-Week Pop-Up

The first week finds the truck turning into Soupsmith
The first week finds the truck turning into Soupsmith Photo: Frysmith

Frysmith’s ambitions have always been bigger than just chugging around town judging from the stint it spent providing its fry-recipes-on-meth at Hollywood’s Loaded, its own line of ketchups, and The Soupsmith Truck it put on the road in 2012. Now Frysmith is turning its original concept on its head for four weeks of a morphing pop-up concept, starting February 18 and stretching through March 17. What do these fry kids have in store?

Unemployed Eater lays out the battle plan, which will find the truck switching to a different menu every week specializing in specific dishes. Week one will see the team back on the Soupsmith concept, while the next will witness Frysmith becoming “Wichsmith,” with sandwiches like Italian sausage, pesto, and deep-fried Brussels sprouts. Week three introduces the fun-so-say Quesadillasmith, wrapping up in time for Wingsmith week.

The truck will offer its usual menu the whole way through, while also creating crazy and traditional variations on the different genres they’re taking on. Locations will be made available on Twitter and Facebook before Monday’s first run.

So its this a food truck or a pop-up? Food truck or pop-up? In either case, the robot who tags our stories is totally flipping out right now.

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