Fresh And Easy Is Imploding; Win a Lunch Date With Jonathan Gold

Not happening
Not happening Photo: Eurofruit, Asiafruit, and Americafruit Magazines via Flickr

Santa Monica Patch reports the Fresh and Easy slated for Wilshire Blvd has been delayed indefinitely. The store met neighborhood resistance during community hearings, and seemed unable to gain further traction since then. The giant Magnolia Audio sits abandoned. On the flip side, Tesco management advised all of its customers and associates this week no store will be closed despite last December’s news of an US-exit. This type of policy flip flop seems befitting of politicians, not so much grocery chains. The death-watch on this on remains. [Patch]

Most people are not fortunately enough to break bread with LA Times critic Jonathan Gold. For those with enough cash and not enough luck, your chance is finally here. The Pulitzer winner himself has donated his lunchtime to benefit the Santa Monia High School Orchestra. Minimum bid starts at $1000, but rest assured the cost of the meal is covered by the cool thousand. Would anyone like to wager where Mr. Gold will take the party of four? [Charity Buzz]