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Lots of High People Are Taking Advantage of Free Pancake Day at IHOP

A nation stops counting calories for a moment of unity.

A nation stops counting calories for a moment of unity.Photo: Corbis

When it comes down to it, would you rather spend your afternoon plugging away at Robert Musil's The Man Without Qualities, or just read a lot of tweets written by people who are really high and/or psyched about Free Pancake Day at IHOP? Because, you know, the chain is trending on Twitter, and buttered short-stacks loom large in the collective unconscious of our social media. Carry on, then.

Us, too! The public service announcement. Good plan, @wastedtalent661 IHOP was born ready, @_DrewDutton. That's confusing. That's charitable. You know what they say, Freckle Face ♥. Great minds, and all that. But it's not all good news. Total bummer.

Free pancakes at IHOP: everything you need to know [Christian Science Monitor]


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