Nektar Juice Bar Grand-Opening Friday in Santa Monica With Free Smoothies

Late to the party?
Late to the party? Photo: Nekter Juice Bar

The last year introduced a torrent of new fresh-squeezed juice spots with cute and quirky names like Main Squeeze, Clover, Moon Juice, Coco, Elixir, Glow, Pulse, and Rejuice. Considering the unquenchable thirst for such potables, it appears Orange County’s popular Nekter Juice Bar may have been a little late to the cleansing party. The business, which has seven locations down south, and forthcoming locations in West Hollywood and Westwood, grand-opens its currently soft-open Santa Monica store this Friday at 7:00 A.M. Over the first four hours, Nekter will try to edge out the competition by giving away free sixteen-ounce smoothies and juices to everyone who comes by, with the first 50 customers receiving a free $25 gift card. Hey, if you can’t be first, you can always try and buy your popularity, right?

Nekter Juice Bar, 1422 2nd St.
Santa Monica; 800-385-1650