Here’s the Cover For the Franny’s Cookbook, Plus a Vital Update

Baked sausage and polenta here we come.
Baked sausage and polenta here we come. Photo: Artisan Books

There’s a lot going down on Flatbush Avenue, where Franny’s is preparing to move down the street from its home of nine years. “Though we can’t give you a specific date yet,” Francine Stevens writes on the restaurant’s website, “we can announce that the days of dining at the original franny’s space are numbered. We expect to be closing at 295 Flatbush within 3-4 weeks, so come enjoy a final meal at the original franny’s while you still can!” So, get to it, and in case you cannot, just remember Franny’s 2.0 should be up and running at 348 Flatbush shortly thereafter, while the old space will become the regional Italian restaurant Marco’s. If you can’t wait for that, consider the imminent arrival of the very first Franny’s cookbook, which carries a foreword by Alice Waters and also includes the stellar clam pizza recipe. Franny’s: Simple Seasonal Italian will be released June 4. [Franny’s, Workman, Earlier]