Fountain Porter Begins Serving Burgers This Weekend

Fountain Porter's new burger
Fountain Porter's new burger Photo: Evan Clancy

This weekend Fountain Porter, the cozy tappy that former Kite & Key barkeeps Evan Clancy and Scott Pawlicky opened at 10th and Tasker streets back in October, will have more to offer than just craft beer, snacks and records. Tomorrow the kitchen there will begin flipping burgers. Up until this point, the edible options were limited to cheese plates, charcuterie, pickles and complimentary nuts at the bar. Clancy told Grub that he’s not interested in rolling out a full-blown restaurant menu, but that he and Pawlicky are trying to focus on a small selection of signature items that go well with beer. The burgers, which he assured us will not come topped with fried eggs, foie gras or even pork belly, are the first of them. They’ll go for just $5 a piece, and will only be offered on Saturdays and Sundays.