Figueroa Produce Wins The Fight For Its Life in Highland Park

Figueroa Produce Market
Figueroa Produce Market Photo: Figueroa Produce Market

Following last Wednesday’s news that Figueroa Produce Market was nervously eyeing the chopping block as its Highland Park landlord searched for a higher paying tenant, owners rejoiced yesterday over the announcement that they’d be staying put. “Figueroa Produce is here to stay,” wrote the grocery store’s three owners on the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council’s discussion forum. “As many of you know…our lease was
up in January and we’ve had a hard time with our landlord. The future of our business was uncertain and we were contemplating moving and preparing for the worse.” Fortunately, an agreement was struck between these two parties, with the healthy foods market remaining open and asking for customers’ support to “to build the store back up.” [ASNC via ESLA]