Fast Times’ Mike Damone Opens Bob’s Coffee Shop in North Hollywood

"This is going to be great, Rat."
"This is going to be great, Rat." Photo: Bob's Espresso Bar

Remember Mike Damone, the most unctuous teenager of all time from Fast Times at Ridgemont High? Today we learn where that guy is now and we’re happy to see, dude is still hustling. Robert Romanus, the actor behind the famous eighties role, grand-opened Bob’s Espresso Bar in North Hollywood last month, serving The Valley with gourmet lattes, muffins, crossiants, cheese rolls, local art, and live music.

The place plans weekly open-mic nights, and every first Tuesday of each month, will host “Poppa’s Kitchen & Friends,” a jam session with Romanus’ own band, Poppa’s Kitchen, and his famous friends. And if you’re looking for a ticket, we know this awesome guy who once hooked us up for the Van Halen show).

Bob’s Espresso Bar, 5251 Lankershim Blvd. North Hollywood; 818-980-5096.