Evan Funke Brings Rustic Canyon Burger Out of Retirement Today

Funke with burgers in hand
Funke with burgers in hand Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

The days of Evan Funke’s porchetta truck are coming to an end this afternoon; good news disguised as minor tragedy considering it means the chef’s dream Italian restaurant, Bucato, will finally rise as a result. Today, Funke also pays tribute to another one of his fleeting favorites, as the former Rustic Canyon chef will prepare 200 burgers riffing on the renowned recipe featured in the Santa Monica restaurant, winner of the L.A. Times “Burger and Beer” bash and basically the only burger we’ve ever felt comfortable paying close to $20 for. Funke will bring the brioche burger with sharp cheddar, herb remoulade, onion fondue, and house-made pickles out of retirement at 26th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue today starting at noon.