The Dead Rabbit Opens Tonight, With Bishops, Flips, and Nogs in FiDi

Welcome back, 1862.
Welcome back, 1862. Photo: Andrew Kist/ Hanna Lee Communications, Inc.

Snow be damned: Don that cold-weather hat you made from out of that small woodland creature you killed and skinned yourself last summer and then go nurture your inner Bill the Butcher tonight in the financial district, where Jack McGarry and Sean Muldoon are opening their long-awaited Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog at 30 Water Street. As mentioned earlier, Muldoon approached the drinks menu with an almost archaeological ethic, working out hundreds of recipes — some from the seventeenth century — from old guides, newspapers, and first-person accounts. The result is an appropriately expansive menu, including “pop-inns,” drinks that combine ale, liqueurs, spices, and botanicals. The Dead Rabbit’s two drinking areas include hand-pumped fizzy house beer, nogs, mulled bishops, shandies, sangarees, and large-format punches. Foodwise, it’s things like burgers, vol au vent, potted shrimp, and an old-fashioned raw bar. For the first few days, the Dead Rabbit is in soft-opening mode and will operate on a limited schedule; check out its very 21st century website for more details. [Earlier]