City Cracking Down on Food Delivery Bicyclists

Tip well, rain or shine.
Tip well, rain or shine.Photo: EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images

Though it’s delightful when your dinner’s delivered to you in fifteen minutes flat, it probably means that the cyclist drove the wrong way down a street, bumped a stroller when riding on a sidewalk, and sped through red lights. City inspectors are instituting even more laws to protect drivers and pedestrians; starting in April, delivery staffers will have to wear high-visibility reflective vests that clearly display the name of their restaurant on the back. (Like a jersey, but uglier.) Violations could cost restaurants anywhere from $100 to $300 in fines. The city’s been telling businesses not to promise New Yorkers they’ll get their food quickly, as it creates pressure for delivery cyclists. So when you start to get hangry, and inevitably, feisty, resist making the annoying “where’s my food?” call. No sandwich is worth pedestrian casualties. [Earlier, NBC]