John Legend and Chrissy Teigen on Valentine's Day, Bowling Alley Food, and Red Robin's Job Applications

Legend and Teigen, last night.

Legend and Teigen, last night.Photo: Clint Spaulding/

As if waiting tables at a restaurant weren't grueling enough, every once in a while there's a customer who refuses to even tip, √† la last week's Applebee's debacle. But while many stars once worked as servers and know all too well the sorrow that is miserly customers, some never even got the chance — like Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen, whom Red Robin once refused to hire. Grub Street caught up with her and fianc√© John Legend at last night's amfAR Gala at Cipriani Wall Street to talk about her relationship with the burger chain, love of greasy bowling alley food, and — what else? — Legend's custom-made bowling ball.

So Valentine’s Day is coming up. Any big plans?
John Legend: We are both working on Valentine’s Day. She has to work in Vegas and I have to work in L.A., but I’ll take care of her. I’ll make sure she has a nice Valentine’s Day present. It’s a man’s job to do this. Women, not so much.
Chrissy Teigen: I tend to think of Valentine’s Day as a man holiday, and not just because I’m a woman. He’s very good at it. He’s good at all holidays, but I’m also good about dropping hints.
Legend: She’s a good hint-dropper.

Do either of you have experience being a waiter or waitress?
Legend: I haven’t. [To Chrissy.] Have you?
Teigen: Red Robin wouldn’t hire me. Their application asked questions like, “What’s your highest bowling score?” I still couldn’t get hired.
Legend: She couldn’t pass the steroids test. She’s on a lot of performance-enhancing drugs.

Are you guys big bowlers?
Teigen: At one point, we were really great bowlers. We were so hard-core that I once got John a custom bowling ball for his birthday.
Legend: It had my face on it.
Teigen: Yeah, I got John a bowling ball with his face on it, so every time he held it up to his face, there was another face.
Legend: A gift for the vain.

So what’s your highest score?
Legend: My highest score was still only about 140.
Teigen: That’s his highest score. Mine is probably 145, because I beat you every time.

And how often do you bowl?
Teigen: It’s been a while, but at one point in time, we were going two or three times a week.
Legend: It’s a good activity on tour because in any city, you can find a bowling alley.
Teigen: And greasy food and drinks. And that’s all I need.

Bowling alleys are kind of germy, no?
Teigen: Oh, it’s disgusting. The best ones are really gross.

Back to not getting hired by Red Robin. What is Red Robin?
Teigen: It’s a burger chain.
Legend: It’s like T.G.I. Friday’s, but …
Teigen: How dare you! It’s fantastic burgers but an emphasis on crazy concoction drinks. I really wanted to work there.

But they rejected you.
Teigen: Yes.

Where was this?
Teigen: In Washington state. In a mall. I was 16..

Well, I guess you showed them.
Legend: And now she’s in Sports Illustrated.
Teigen: They still, to this day, have the best ranch dressing, and you can quote me on that one.
Legend: You’ve never taken me to Red Robin, baby.

There’s your Valentine’s Day right there.

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