Ex-LAPD Cop and Alleged Triple Murderer Enjoys Chick-Fil-A, Loves Bourdain

Chris Dorner supports Chick-Fil-A's freedom of expression.
Chris Dorner supports Chick-Fil-A's freedom of expression. Photo: Socialwoodlands via Flickr

While Southland law enforcement officers continue the manhunt in the snowy Big Bear mountains for Ex-LAPD officer Chris Dorner, interesting tidbits concerning his lifestyle continue to surface. The alleged cop killer published a verbose manifesto on Facebook and the tome revealed everything from his beef with a high school assistant principal, to his favorite food TV personality, to his favorite sandwiches. Near the end of the composition, Dorner declares his adoration for Tony: “Anthony Bourdain, you’re a modern renaissance man who epitomizes the saying ‘too cool for school’”. A few paragraphs later, Dorner wants America to know Chick-Fil-A “make[s] some damn good chicken”. Police tells the public Dorner’s last known residence is in La Palma, and Dorner himself lists both La Palma and Cerritos as his previous addresses. Chick-Fil-A opened its first ever stand-alone restaurant in Cerritos in March of 2007 and perhaps Mr. Dorner battled his “severe depression” with a Spicy Chicken Sandwich Deluxe, then browsed the Cerritos mall.

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