Chicken California Cafe Overtaking Electric Lotus in Los Feliz

Yeah okay, sure guys...
Yeah okay, sure guys... Photo: Joshua Lurie

Wait, Chicken California Cafe? Surely we must mean California Chicken Cafe? Nope, you read it right the first time, Chicken California Cafe is replacing a division of Los Feliz Indian restaurant Electric Lotus. Not since Coming to America introduced us to the “McDowells” chain have we seen such a blatant ganking of an existing franchise’s concept.

In any case, the “heart smart” menu differs somewhat, offering rostisserie chicken in wraps and salads, along with sides like butternut squash, spinach with pine nuts and roasted garlic, and broccoli soup. Okay, the concept isn’t that different either, but this mixed up spot will also open with pizza by the slice or whole pie and offers six sauces with the chicken, including tikka masala, spicy Buffalo, and a Chinese-accented accompaniment. Unless the other chicken cafe’s lawyers get there first, expect an opening any day now at 4656 Franklin Ave. Los Feliz.