Chef Shuffle at Maven, Menu to Get More ‘Robust’

Maven Photo: Brian Smeets/Grub Street

It seems there’s been a parting of the ways with the partners at Maven (Haight and Steiner), and chef-partner David Kurtz has resigned. As the Scoop reports, chef de cuisine Isaac Miller has been promoted to the exec post, and partner Jay Bordeleau says that the menu is going to get a little less “precious” and they’ll be putting “a little more food on the plate.” Mr. Bauer, as you may recall, loved the place as-is, but Bordeleau seems to be responding to criticisms coming from the dining public — also, the food menu has been virtually unchanged since it opened in December 2011. The place still has a terrific burger, and you can expect the structure of the menu, with the paired wines, beers, and cocktails, to stay the same. [Scoop]

Update: Bordeleau reaches out to inform us that all things remain amicable between him and Kurtz, and Kurtz is simply moving on to other projects. Miller, he tells us, has worked at Manresa, and was the opening chef at Sweet Woodruff, the Sons & Daughters spinoff.