Bruckner Bar & Grill Faces an Uncertain Future

Will the South Bronx restaurant keep on keeping on?
Will the South Bronx restaurant keep on keeping on?Photo: Courtesy Bruckner Bar and Grill

The Harlem River surged last fall during Hurricane Sandy and floodwaters crept up in through the front doors of the Bruckner Bar and Grill, the South Bronx restaurant, bar, and community hub just adjacent to the Third Avenue Bridge on-ramp. The Bruckner has been closed since, and because the building’s owner and both of the restaurant’s co-owners each have strong, individual opinions on how repairs should proceed, any reopening seems increasingly unlikely. Meanwhile, customers have been treated to the details of the dispute — eviction threats and rants included — on Facebook. “The landlord agreed to compromise. You are the problem,” partner James Giddings wrote in an email to co-partner Alex Abeles, DNAinfo reports. “You are the reason Bruckner Restaurant LLC is closed.” [DNAinfo, Earlier]