Sandy-Damaged Bridge Café Is Seeking Donations to Reopen

Since 1794: The Bridge Café is the oldest surviving tavern in New York City. Photo: Shanna Ravindra

October's storm damaged the Bridge Café, which stands at the fringe of the Seaport just across the street from a Brooklyn Bridge on-ramp. Proprietor Adam Weprin told the Times in December that the restaurant's basement flooded with nine feet of water, while three feet of surge battered the dining room. The restaurant, which occupies a wood-frame building at the corner of Water and Frankfort Streets, was one of Ed Koch's favorites, and is the city's oldest surviving tavern. Eater NY reports the restaurant is now looking for donations to help offset the cost of replacing its appliances, prep equipment, fixtures, floors, and electrical work, all of which was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy's storm surge. The details are here. [My Event via Eater NY, Related]