Bon Appetit Names Animal as Part of America’s Most Important Restaurants, Other Chefs Forget L.A. Exists

Animal's Chefs
Animal's Chefs Photo: Animal

How much longer do L.A. restaurants need to beat on the drums in order to be heard? Bon Apetit, one of the few remaining food magazines in the country of national importance, just released a “20 Most Important Restaurants” piece. In it, Andrew Knowlton, a known friend of L.A., lists more than a handful of restaurants in NYC, but demurely offered Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo “as the guys guys who introduced stoner cuisine to the masses”. It’s difficult to say which set of potheads begs for beef heart or veal brains in the middle of the night, but at least the NYC based critic remembered one restaurant in Los Angeles as the accolade for L.A. stopped there.

In the addendum section to the piece wherein the winning chefs offered their own selection of influential restaurants in America, L.A. scored a huge zilch because the Animal team offered its ballots up to New Yorkers. The end result: Jitlada is not as important as Pok Pok, Umami Burger is not as important as Shake Shack, and the rest of the chefs in LA are left wondering what they did wrong in 2012.

20 Most Important Restaurants in America. [Bon Appetit via Grub Street NY]

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