Who’s in Favor of Bloomberg’s Sugary Drink Ban?

Survey says "meh."
Survey says "meh." Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Quinnipiac University researchers conducted a poll to measure how New Yorkers feel about the size limitation on sweetened beverages, and as it turns out, the city’s largely divided. Forty-nine percent of women were in favor of the bill, and 48 percent against. Men were similarly split: 44 percent expressed support, and 54 percent didn’t. The breakdown by race showed more marked dissent: Black voters were overwhelmingly against the bill, with 60 percent giving the thumbs-down. White and Hispanic voters were both divided down the middle, with percentages close to 50-50. Manhattan was the only borough that came out more in support (57 percent to 39) — and 49 percent of Brooklynites think this is good for the city. Overall, opinions haven’t changed much since June, when Bloomberg announced his plans. All the 50-50 splits show that nobody knows how the hell they’re supposed to feel about the restriction. It’s doubtful that the increased cost and inconvenience of buying smaller sizes will actually make a difference when it comes to the city’s mortality and obesity rates. But there are definitely people out there who have mad love for Nanny Bloomberg. [Earlier, NYP]