The ‘10 Best’ Vegetarian Restaurants in the City Include Kajitsu, Dirt Candy

Kajitsu's tiny vegetables with lotus gelée.

The Voice puts up its list of the ten best vegetarian restaurants in the city, and while there's yuba (at Cocoron), there's not a lot of tempeh or soy in general to be found. The list is more about the mastery of vegetables and manipulation of grains, like the parsnip "risotto" at Blue Hill; vegan kimchee at Danji; reinvented veggie burgers at Maimonide of Brooklyn; and, finally, supplanting the old boring stir-fries of your meatless past, the lineup of roots, tubers, 'chokes, and leafy greens Amanda Cohen plates with agency at Dirt Candy. The full list is here. [Fork in the Road/VV]