The ‘10 Best’ Vegetarian Restaurants in the City Include Kajitsu, Dirt Candy

Kajitsu's tiny vegetables with lotus gelée.
Kajitsu's tiny vegetables with lotus gelée. Photo: Melissa Hom

The Voice puts up its list of the ten best vegetarian restaurants in the city, and while there’s yuba (at Cocoron), there’s not a lot of tempeh or soy in general to be found. The list is more about the mastery of vegetables and manipulation of grains, like the parsnip “risotto” at Blue Hill; vegan kimchee at Danji; reinvented veggie burgers at Maimonide of Brooklyn; and, finally, supplanting the old boring stir-fries of your meatless past, the lineup of roots, tubers, ‘chokes, and leafy greens Amanda Cohen plates with agency at Dirt Candy. The full list is here. [Fork in the Road/VV]