Where to Find Interesting Brunch Without an Hour Wait

Cassava's Japanese breakfast.
Cassava's Japanese breakfast. Photo: John Storey/Chron

Though we love some good chilaquiles, we’ll confess to being brunch haters. (The lines! The sub-par service because everyone’s either hungover or a rookie! As an anonymous man waiting hours to get into Mission Chinese in New York for dinner aptly put it, “I never knew anything could be more annoying than brunch.”) But, if pressed, we know there are some places out there where you won’t be accosted by hungry hordes in brighter moods who don’t mind waiting an hour for some damn eggs. Ms. Gagliardi has a few recommendations along those lines over at 7x7, including the Japanese breakfast at Cassava in the Outer Richmond, and the Turkish breakfast at Pera in Potrero Hill. See also the new Mexican Breakfast launching this weekend at Rosa Mexicano (mm, carnitas hash), and a few of Jonathan Kauffman’s older recommendations along these lines, though Orson is long gone. [7x7]