Beachwood Brewing Unleashing ‘Full Malted Jacket’ Scottish Ale

Full Malted Jacket
Full Malted Jacket Photo: Beachwood Brewing

“A day without beer is like a day without sunshine.” That’s right, Beachwood Brewing is releasing a very special beer that will not only lift you from a world of shit get you buzzed, but lead to hours of you and your drunk friends dropping quotes from a Stanley Kubrick script. “Full Malted Jacket” is releasing this Saturday in two styles, a straightforward Scottish ale, as well as a version aged for a year in bourbon barrels. The pub’s third bottled release from brewmaster Julian Shrago, the new label taps an heirloom barley from Scotland that undergoes a three-hour boil, coming in at a vicious 12% ABV for the aged version and a still somewhat fearsome 9% for the standard issue recipe. So, where do you, ahem, git some?

The beer can be found starting this weekend at Beachwood’s Long Beach and Seal Beach outposts, to be followed by a massive deploy throughout the Southland’s retail stores. Bottled pints will be sold at $25 and $12, respectively. What’s that you say? Too beaucoup?!