Bar Roundup: Marie’s Riptide Lounge Lives; Watch Lottie’s On TV at Lottie’s

Lottie's Pub will be on Chicago Fire this week— under a pseudonym.
Lottie's Pub will be on Chicago Fire this week— under a pseudonym.Photo: courtesy Lottie's Pub

According to our friend David Hammond, embattled Marie’s Riptide Lounge was saved at the last minute by new investors, who promptly changed its ineffable Algrenesque character forever/brought the dive bar into the 21st century by putting in flat screen TVs and adding a new sign. What exactly was the deal for the ownership-disputed bar and who is or is not still involved with it, we don’t know, but given the level of obsession toward this dive bar in the food media last week (you’d think it was Chief Keef or somethin’), we’re sure someone will be adding to the details soon.

Another vintage-bordering-on-legendary joint, Lottie’s Pub (est. 1934) in Bucktown, will host a party tomorrow night to watch the episode of Chicago Fire shot in part there in December. Lottie’s was turned into "Bombardier Lounge" for the episode, and experienced both simulated fire and simulated firemen during filming. To celebrate, they will feature specials including $4 Fireball shots, $4 Chicken Sandwiches, and $2.50 Old Style cans; the show’s at 8 p.m. Wednesday.