Bacon Bacon Gets Complaints From Bacon-Hating Ashbury Heights Neighbors

Bacon Bacon's bacon bouquet.
Bacon Bacon's bacon bouquet. Photo: Courtesy of Bacon Bacon

Perhaps it’s a lesson in how certain non-Mission neighborhoods aren’t too keen on attracting the young foodinista set, but Bacon Bacon is facing a challenge to its conditional use permit at Ashbury Market (205A Frederick Street), which it’s held since opening inside the market a year ago. At issue, according to owner Jim Angelus, is the cell phone chatter and gatherings of customers outside the market on the quiet street, which is actually labeled as part of the Frederick Knob microhood, between Ashbury Heights and Cole Valley. A couple of disgruntled neighbors have set about trying to get Bacon Bacon’s permit revoked under new city regulations that a) force them to reapply for the permit they already received, and b) allow for such challenges by any vocal minority. Bacon Bacon is seeking support from its fans at a gathering at the store on Tuesday, February 12, at 7 p.m. Mark your calendars, ye who believe in all things bacon. [Uppercasing]