Which ‘A-List Celebrity Chef’ Is Landing at the New Archer Hotel?

Who could it be now?
Who could it be now? Photo: Archer Hotel

Opening next spring at 45 West 38th Street will be the new, 21-story Archer Hotel, which will have a first-floor, “chef-driven” restaurant and a rooftop bar. Steve Kamali Hospitality is developing both, and promises the restaurant “will soon have a face and a name of an A-list Celebrity Chef who is widely known and respected!” Mysterious! Is the Archer Hotel where we’ll see Bobby Flay and the second coming of Bolo? Heston Blumenthal’s secret New York project? Or perhaps Georges Auguste Escoffier’s face transplanted onto Jean-Claude Van Damme’s body at the helm of a noveau Belgian waffle bar? It’s probably not that last one. [KamaliWire/Tumblr]