Anchor Brewing Announces Plans for Huge New Brewery and Restaurant on Pier 48

Rendering of the new beer garden and brewery.
Rendering of the new beer garden and brewery. Photo: via CBS 5

Big beer news just as Beer Week comes to a close! Today, Anchor Brewing Co. announced that it has inked a deal to take over Pier 48, as part of the Mission Rock Development behind AT&T; Park. The new facility will be an addition to the existing, historic Potrero Hill brewery, and will allow Anchor to increase its brewing capacity five-fold, from 120,000 to 600,000 barrels a year. “We’re not just going to build a brewery here,” said CEO Keith Greggor during today’s press conference. “We’re going to build a destination in San Francisco that people from around the world are going to want to come and see, as well as locals too.” The project is a ways off, however, with construction beginning in 2014 and an opening not likely until 2016. The hometown brewery, as you may know, already has Anchor Plaza & Taproom inside the ballpark, but the new facility will contain a restaurant, a huge beer garden, and a museum in addition to brewing facilities, and will create 200 new jobs. [CBS via Chron]