Aaron London’s Upcoming Mystery Restaurant to Be in Former Horse Stable in the Mission

Aaron London, in his Ubuntu days.
Aaron London, in his Ubuntu days. Photo: Food Network

Just to back up for a second, chef Aaron London left his post at Ubuntu last winter just as it became clear the downtown Napa restaurant was not returning from its “hiatus.” He relocated to San Francisco, picked up a couple of bartending gigs, and has been plotting a solo project ever since. Last September he told the Scoop that he was close to a deal on a space in Hayes Valley, but he wouldn’t reveal an address. Now SF Mag follows up and discovers he’s now working on a different space in the Mission, which he also won’t reveal the address of but which he says is “dilapidated” and is in an A-frame building that was formerly a horse stable. The project will require a change of use from Planning, which has yet to come. If all goes well, it’s going to be a small operation with just 30 seats, eight of which will be at a chef’s counter, and the plan is to make the wall behind the open kitchen plate glass, so that the whole space will look onto a small courtyard in back. File under: Still Developing. [SF Mag]