Wine-Storage Service Holding Thousands of Bottles Hostage Files for Bankruptcy


High-end cellar service WineCare in Chelsea, which was damaged in Hurricane Sandy, has filed for bankruptcy, the Post reports. Owner Derek Limbocker has allegedly been so swamped accounting for an inventory worth millions, leaving clients like restaurateur Keith McNally and real-estate entrepreneur Philip Waterman III feeling frustrated and litigious. The company had to move 27,000 cases to higher ground during the storm and has since been besieged with requests from clients. McNally filed a $3 million lawsuit against the company, alleging it had no clue about his grand crus, and now WineCare says bankruptcy is its only option to stay afloat post-Sandy. “We don’t have the time to get our wine back to our clients while dealing with the nastiness of these people who are bugging us,” Limbocker says. [NYP, Earlier, Earlier]