Vedge’s Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby Get Saucy With Williams-Sonoma

If you're looking to get saucy, you came to the right place. Photo: Vedge

Williams-Sonoma is bottling up a little bit of the meatless magic that vegan wizards Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby are known for wielding at their restaurant Vedge. A line of Vedge branded sauces that the two developed exclusively for the kitchen-and-housewares giant is currently rolling out across 150 Williams-Sonoma locations, and conveniently enough, its web store, too. The ready-made sauces, which were inspired by Landau and Jacoby’s all-vegan, seasonal cooking, include Spiced BBQ Sauce, Tamari Sesame Glaze, and Sherry Shallot Glaze. They sound yummy enough. Would it be wrong to use them on meat?