Gouda News: Westside Market Cheesemonger Can Make Funny Labels Once More

Daniels says he was trying to add some culture to the culture.

The cheese wheel in aisle five will keep on turning, it turns out, for Peter "the Doctor" Daniels, who bestows aphorisms on parcels of washed rind wedges and song lyrics on chèvre logs. Many a customer's day has been made by the inspiring things that pop out of the cheesemonger's cultured mind, but yesterday we learned that one customer was so incensed by the creative labels that the grocery store moved to pull the plug on the operation. Daniels tells Gothamist that it was a label quoting Thin Lizzy's "Angel of Death" affixed to a hunk of provolone that disturbed a customer, who asked the management if Westside Market was "becoming an Evangelical establishment." After some negotiations, the market has decided to let Daniels "brie." "I just have to keep it a little on the mellow side for now and not try to be so preachy," he says. [Gothamist, Earlier]