Want To Cook Your Own Lunch at Moto? Sign Up for Chef Cantu’s Laboratory Cooking Classes.


Moto’s kitchen is surely one of the greatest skunkworks in cooking today, full of cutting-edge ideas and technologies, innovative and zany in equal measure. And they’d never just let anybody in, right? No, but if there’s one thing about chef Homaro Cantu it’s that he’s always bursting to share his ideas with new audiences. And so, as the video below explains, there’s a way you can not only hang out behind the scenes in Moto’s kitchen and other space-age settings, but you’ll even be able to make your own lunch there. It’s not cheap— $300 for a three-hour class, lunch and wine— but watch the video and you’ll see this is no mere kitchen tour, they’re not holding anything back. The first one is Sunday, February 17, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.; call 312-491-0058 to book a spot.