Can We Call This “Bathtub Foie Gras?”

Ain't nothing like the real thing
Ain't nothing like the real thing Photo: Mads Boedker/Flickr

“Nothing will replace foie gras,” Vinny Dotolo tells L.A. Magazine, doing his best to live life a mere seven months after one of Animal’s favorite ingredients was declared an enemy of the state. While peers like Gusto’s Vic Casanova are turning to other forms of animal liver to relive the dream and Josiah Citrin is seeking solace in the lush texture of avocados, resourceful chef Walter Manzke is all but jerry-rigging his own form of the verboten delicacy. Manzke tells Digest he prefers using “regular duck liver from Liberty Ducks in Sonoma” before adding “some butter to increase the fat content.” Says the chef, “It’s the closest thing to foie gras I can create.” Suddenly, the debut of Manke’s Republique can’t come soon enough. [Digest]