Victory Expansion Doubles the Brewery’s Output; Creates Dozens of New Jobs

Two breweries are better than one!
Two breweries are better than one! Photo: Victory Brewing Co.

So that new, and larger brewing facility that we told you last year the folks at Victory Brewing Company were bringing to Parkesburg, PA is in the works. And it’s just a few months away from completion. According to NBC Philly, it should be up and running by summer. The old, original Victory brewery, which began making beer in 1996, has been maxed out at producing 80,000 barrels per year since the summer of 2011. The new suds factory will be twice the size, and when completed, will be capable of brewing upwards of 200,000 barrels per year. In addition to more beer, the brewery will also be a source of dozens of new jobs. Wow, is there anything beer can’t do? [NBC Philly]

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