V2 Burger Opens in Visitacion Valley, Complete With African Fries

One of the double-pattied burgers.
One of the double-pattied burgers. Photo: Joe Starkey/Thrillist

A new burger spot has just debuted out in deepest Visitacion Valley, and it’s called V2 Burger (167 Leland Avenue, between Rutland & Peabody). And yes, that may be V-squared. Thrillist brings us the first report, and in addition to several basic burger options — they’re served as doubles, with two thin patties, and there are veggie and chicken options as well — there are garlic fries, standard fries, sweet potato fries, and something that’s new to us: African fries. Not since the Date Night at the now in-hibernation Sneaky’s have we seen a nacho-esque concoction that will so surely guarantee a touch of heartburn and the high likelihood of bad breath for hours. It’s a plate of fries “covered in melted cheese, grilled onions, ketchup, and Tapatio-esque Berbere mayo.” Don’t say we didn’t warn you. [Thrillist]