The Urban Oven Introduces Sweet-Spicy-Savory ‘Pig Kisses’

"Pig Kisses"
"Pig Kisses" Photo: Urban Oven

Sometimes the most appealing snacks come with the most off-putting names. Take such sundries as mud pie, spotted dick, and just about any soda brand clumsily translated from Japanese into English. Along these lines, The Urban Oven, the local pizza truck strapped with a wood-burning oven, is launching a new nibble called “Pig Kisses” that marry sweet, spicy, and savory inside of pizza dough. Inspired in part by calzones, chef-owner Scott Tremonti new creation fills small pieces of his crust with bacon, Nutella, and red pepper flakes, a combination, like anything with Nutella, that’s hard-pressed to go wrong. On Valentine’s Day, Urban Oven will give away a packet of the treats with every pizza purchase. Or if love isn’t your thing, you can track these little piggies down today on Facebook.