Are You Ready For Untitled’s ‘Entitled’ VIP Program?

Here's the private entrance you'll never see again.
Here's the private entrance you'll never see again. Photo: courtesy Untitled

Here’s an idea straight from the Don Draper and Playboy Club days, but it might be just the thing for the Era of Bling, too. The nightspot so secret it has no name, Untitled, has launched a new VIP program called (cleverly) Entitled, full of perks like a private, no-wait-in-line entrance, advanced ticket sales for shows, members-only events (“such as tastings, dinners, maybe a burlesque show or two”), private liquor lockers and more. And this is no gas station rewards card program, either— it’s a genuine private club, with a $300 initiation fee, $100 a month dues, and you have to be accepted by a membership committee (recommendation from an existing member helps). Exclusivity at this price point is pretty new for River North nightclubs and the like (though still a fraction of membership in the old-line private clubs the movers and shakers belong to in this city), so we’ll be interested to see if there really is a market for this— and if the Landan twins are there to greet you when you join.