Uncle John’s BBQ Moves Into The Dat Donut That Was a Leon’s

What this all used to look like.
What this all used to look like. Photo: Zol 87 via Flickr

It’s a complicated story of South Side donuts and BBQ, but bear with us. As we reported back in October, Dat Donut owner Darryl Townson, who got his start as a teenager working at one of the Leon’s BBQ locations on the south side, took over his old employer’s location to open a combination Dat Donut and BBQ joint at 8249 S. Cottage Grove. But our friend the indefatigable South Side food explorer Peter Engler reports that there’s been a change in plans— which brings another legendary South Side name into the picture.

It’s Uncle John’s BBQ, widely ranked as one of if not the best barbecue joint on the South Side. Owner and pitmaster Mack Sevier had already opened a second place in south suburban Richton Park with a godson (who, like Mack, had earlier worked at Barbara Ann’s BBQ) in charge. Now Engler reports that the BBQ operation next to Dat Donut has been taken over by Uncle John’s, and is turning out a fair simulacrum of the original place’s barbecue. While the location doesn’t exactly bring Uncle John’s food any closer to most of the city, it is at least nice to see one of the South Side’s best pit masters expanding his empire— not to mention, it ensures that the Cottage Grove location is a solid one-two punch for anyone venturing that way. [h/t Peter Engler via LTHForum]